Our History

Fudak Sendirian Berhad (富达) was set up in 1988 as a small scale tissue converter unit. To date, Fudak has achieved as one of the sole manufacturers for various household tissue products and baby diapers in Malaysia and Singapore.

Onwards Paper Industries and Onwards Paper Products are the main trading and marketing platform of our products. Home-brands and OEM brands includes FUDAK, ONWARDS, KCA, MAJULAH, SOFTESS, FIRST PRICE, PREFER, ECONSAVE, MYDIN, MOOD, HAPPY CHOICE, NSK, SUNSHINE, CERIA, FAMILY STORE, etc.

Founded on 27th May 1988 in Johor, Malaysia, Fudak embarks on it journey into tissue conversion of pocket tissue for its home-brand “FUDAK” as well as providing OEM for various customers in Malaysia. Fudak jointly set up its pioneer marketing brand “ONWARDS”, further widening its business scale in Malaysia and Singapore.
Achieved our first milestone into expansion of manufacturing plant to a capacity of 4000sq feet. New production line of toilet tissue was also set up. Second major milestone achieved with an exponential expansion of factory plant to a capacity of 9.16acres land area, consisting of three production blocks.
Onwards Paper Industries and Onwards Paper Products were set up as trading and marketing platform for products. Innovating beyond tissue products, we diversify into manufacturing of baby diapers, our home brand “ONWARDS Baby Diapers”.
Further expansion of factory to a capacity of 90,000sq.ft. Production line diversified into facial tissue, bathroom tissue, kitchen towel, travel pack, mini-pack, soft-pack, handkerchief, serviette and jumbo roll tissue, etc.